A photo of Dragon Teeth Aberdares
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Dragon Teeth Hike and The Twin Rocks, Aberdares

I heard of dragon teeth about a month before and I was curious to see what it was all about. It’s one of the routes with the least foot traffic in the Aberdare ranges. At least for now.

We left Nairobi around 5 am and the journey up to the gate took 5 hours with 2 stopovers. I’d advise leaving earlier than 5 am for better time management.

There are two access gates, Shamata and Rhino gates. Rhino gate is on Muiga side accessed via Nyeri.

We got to the KWS gates around 11 am. It took a while to pay the park fee on Shamata gate.

A photo of Shamata entrance Aberdares

There’s another drive around 5kms from the gate to the starting point. The road is good but an offroad vehicle is advisable.

A photo of the starting point for dragon teeth hike

By the time we started the hike, it was around 12 pm, the latest I’ve ever started a hike in the Aberdares. It’s not advisable as the terrain is unforgiving and I couldn’t imagine hiking in the dark.

The scenery is breathtaking. There are Very big rocks and only when you’re near can you appreciate the height and beauty.

A photo of big rocks on dragon teeth hike

Be prepared to dodge pools of water and be careful of unseen holes deep enough to get your boots soaked. The tall grass made it hard to walk and it posed a danger for twisting your ankle. The paths in several areas were more like streams and our boots got wet.

A photo of water puddle on dragon teeth hike

The last point is where there are tall and sharp stones that resemble dragon teeth. It’s breathtaking scenery.

A photo of Dragon teeth Aberdares
A photo of Dragon teeth seen from a distance
A photo of the scenery at dragon teeth hike

The terrain is moderately steep so the altitude gain wasn’t bad. On the way there are the twin rocks, it’s simply two rocks that resemble a woman’s breasts so its fun to look out for that if you can figure out which rocks.

A photo of twin rocks at dragon

After the dragon teeth, some of us proceeded to go to Mount Satima.

Overall the hike was interesting and the scenery is different from other hikes in the Aberdares.


  • Wear good boots with ankle support are recommended
  • Hiking boots will most likely get wet so carry a change of shoes for your trip back to your destination.
  • Carry warm clothes even though the forecast is clear.
  • Have a raincoat and expect rain at any moment. (Ant time at the Aberdares)
  • Enough water to hydrate and snacks.


  • Arnold

    Thanks for the post. It’s a beautiful scenery. How long does it take from the gate to Dragon Teeth’s (roughly)?

  • Caroline

    how long is the twins circuit without summiting Lesatima?
    Asking cause am looking for a nice, scenic, hike with 4 kids aged 6 to 9.
    Looking for something 3 to max 4 hours. We will be staying at Fisherman Hut so no issue with starting early.
    Thanks, Caroline

    • weonboard

      Hey Caroline,

      If I can remember correctly, you can give yourselves around 2 hrs to get there since it’s not as steep.

      You will enjoy the view and I hope you have a great time πŸ™‚


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