Aberdares,  Hiking,  Kenya

Mt. Satima via Dragon Teeth Route, Aberdares (4001m-13127ft)

After arriving at Dragon teeth some of us proceeded for another hour and a half to get to Mt. Satima still in the Aberdares

A photo of scenery in Mt. Satima
The scenery from Mt. Satima Peak

The hike to Mt. Satima got steeper and the altitude made it hard to walk. We were lucky the sun was out but it was very cold. There were a lot of water bogs and deep holes on the way.

A photo of water bogs at Mt. Satima
Water bogs on the way

The last stretch before Mt. Satima peak was very steep and the altitude made us extra tired.

A photo of two women at Mt. Satima peak
At Mt. Satima Peak

Being at the peak of Mt. Satima is breathtaking since I’ve always wanted to go. But the cold breeze was too much and my hands were numb.

Gloves and a mouth mask are advisable if planning to stay at the peak for a while.

And behold, my all-time hack to beating some of the altitude sickness symptoms.

A photo of a bag of crisps over Mt. Satima scenery
Crisps to help beat altitude nausea

In all, it was a successful hike and very scenic.

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