The Mamba Village

The Mamba village is located in Langata area which is around 14 km from the central business district.

The facility has several activities like a tour of the crocodile area with a guide who will give you more information about the crocodiles.

You’ll first see a bask of crocodiles laying next to the pond and might miss some of them at first as they blend well with the rocks around.

If lucky you might see a female nesting on her eggs with a male next to her.

On the other side, they have baby crocodiles and you will get a chance to hold one if you’re up to it. Other things to see include tortoises, ostriches, and geese.

Kids can have fun with ostrich and horse rides.

If you want to see the crocodiles being fed, Saturday is the only day to go around 4 pm but beware of large crowds.

Weekdays are pretty much easy to visit as you can be the only visitors and can get to stick around as much as you want.

Charges for citizens are Ksh 150

Residents Ksh 200 ($2)

Non-residents Ksh 1000 ($10)

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